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Becoming an SAP Professional

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Acerca de este curso

  • Introduction to Becoming an SAP Professional
    • In this module, you’ll learn about the many avenues for planning your future as an SAP professional. SAP provides engagement points to connect you with contacts within the SAP ecosystem, and we’ll discuss some of these in detail. You’ll learn how to search for jobs on the SAP website, we’ll describe core industries in which an SAP professional might specialize, and we’ll discuss some of the solutions that are critical to SAP’s strategy and hiring efforts. These include S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud, and the wider Business Technology Platform (BTP). You’ll also learn how to develop industry expertise and the skills necessary for a successful career, including how to build a network of professional contacts.
  • SAP Career, Learning Resources, and Certifications
    • In this module, you will learn about the career opportunities, learning resources, and certification choices available on SAP’s websites. SAP’s career homepage is a key resource for information about working at SAP and the SAP hiring process. You will learn about recruitment and internships and where to find pertinent information.

      SAP Learning Journeys provide free, easy-to-navigate learning content which helps you gain the skills you need and to prepare for an SAP Certification. You will explore certifications that fit your career path and goals and how these certifications can enhance SAP credentials. In addition to SAP certifications, you will examine some examples of industry IT certifications.
  • SAP Career Preparation
    • In this module, SAP Career Preparation, learners will be introduced to resume writing, job searching, interviewing, and networking. They will develop a new resume or edit their existing resume. Resources for the job search process will be provided, as well as interview guidance and advice and tips for networking and building professional networks, will be provided. Video and reading activities include interview preparation critique and showcasing professional interview skills.
  • Build Your SAP Career Development Plan
    • In this final module, learners will complete a final project to help position them for the next steps in an SAP career. They will complete a resume and career development plan using the templates provided. Then, they will complete a self-assessment, participate in a peer discussion, compare their work to best practice exemplars, and finish with a graded course quiz.