Capstone Course: Start Up Your Fintech Future

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Acerca de este curso

  • Your Business Challenge
    • Welcome to the course specialization project. Congratulations on making it here! We are so excited you are taking this next step in pursuit of your startup idea. This course is not content-focused, but offers you the opportunity to develop your startup idea, and create actual outputs like a business model canvas, a pitch deck and even a video pitch if you’re keen. In this first week, we take it easy, with optional peer review assessment. This provides an opportunity to explore your ideas and business challenge if you have not already done so.
  • Your Business Model Canvas
    • This week you are going to create your business model canvas. You would have heard about this business planning tool from Rael and Sarah-Anne in the previous course, but now it’s your chance to complete it. This tool pushes you to think about your customers, resources, cost structures and more.
  • Creating Your Pitchdeck
    • This week we move on to the pitch. The startup world is filled with competitions and events around the world where you get the opportunity to present your pitch.You have a very short amount of time to get your story and message across. For the next two weeks we will explore how to create and present your pitch deck for investors.
  • Delivering your Pitch
    • Congratulations on reaching week 4. You’re in the final stretch. This week is taking initiative to film your pitch and making it a reality. If you were going to present your idea to a real investor, you need to prepare as much as possible.