Google Cloud DevOps Fundamentals

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Acerca de este curso

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
    • Welcome to Week 1 of Data Governance with Databricks course. This week, you will learn about Course Introduction and concepts of CI/CD Overview, Cloud Code and Build. Additionally, you will learn about the concepts of concepts of Google Cloud with CI/CD.
  • Networking, Monitoring and Containerization
    • This week, we learn about the the concepts of Networking and Monitoring in Google Cloud Platform. We will also learn about the concepts of Logging, Containers & Kubernetes in GCP.
  • Security and Compliance
    • This week, we will learn about concepts of Security in Google Cloud Platform inclduing IAM, NAT, and IAP Services. We will also learn how to implement Compliance Management with Security Manager and Cloud Key Management Service.