Java Inheritance, Composition and Aggregation

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  • Java Inheritance, Composition and Aggregation
    • A hallmark of Object-Oriented programming is code-reuse. Code re-use allows the developer to use tried and tested code, which results in more reliable code and saves in development time as well. In Object-Oriented Programming in a language such as Java, code re-use can be accomplished in two distinctive ways. One way is to inherit from an existing class by extending its existing functionality. A Car class for example can be extended by a Used Car class by adding a parameter to indicate the number of miles on it. This is known as an is-a relationship; a Used Car is-a Car. Another common way to re-use code is through aggregation and composition. In aggregation, the class is made up of other existing classes that may exist independent of the parent class. For example, A Car Dealership may contain many Cars in its inventory. If the Dealership goes under, the Car still exists. There is another relationship related to Aggregation called Composition. In composition, the child class depends on its parent for existence. A Car dealership may have several accounts with companies who operate fleets of cars. The accounts are dependent on the existence of the Dealership. When the Dealership disappears, so do its accounts.

      In this project you will create a Java application that inherits from a Car class in Java and use aggregation and composition in a class that uses one to many Car objects.