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Simulation Analysis for Mechanical Engineers with Autodesk Fusion 360

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Acerca de este curso

  • Static Stress Simulation
    • In Week 1, we’ll explore the setup, solve, and understanding surrounding static stress simulations. Starting with the basics and moving to more advanced tools such as bolted connections we’ll walk through how to prepare and process a static simulation.
  • Using Shape Optimization to Drive a Design
    • In Week 2, we’ll cover shape optimization simulation study type to explore load paths in designs. This simulation study will help engineers identify critical load paths in a design to make more informed decisions on material removal.
  • Nonlinear Response, Buckling and Modal Frequencies
    • In Week 3, we’ll focus on some additional simulation study types in Fusion 360, namely nonlinear response, structural buckling and modal frequencies. These study types allow for greater insight into structural and mechanical problems associated with a wide variety of designs. We will focus on various aspects of our gear reduction assembly as well as explore other examples suited for these types of simulations.
  • Thermal and Thermal Stress
    • In Week 4, we’ll explore and compare the effects of thermal and thermal stresses on designs. Temperature and heat can be a major factor in the failure of a design so exploring a design’s performance can lead to better informed design decisions. As a bonus, we’ll also look at event simulation and how a design performs when subject to motion and how it responds to an impact.